Sales Resources

When you dig into my free resources below, you’ll discover fresh strategies to set up more meetings, accelerate your sales and close more deals.
In short, you’ll get practical advice you can use right away -- that actually works in today’s ever-changing sales world.
Why do I give so much away?


  • Prospecting Toolkit

    This popular kit includes 4 tools that will help you laser in on what's important to your prospects and create more sales opportunities. Learn more

  • Email Sales Kit

    Today's crazy-busy prospects delete nearly all emails from salespeople in a nanosecond. But it doesn't have to be that way. Find out how to craft prospecting emails that get results. Learn more

  • Value Proposition Kit

    Weak value propositions are the root cause of most sales failure. Learn how to write sales messaging that decision makers love to hear. Learn more

  • Master Sales Meetings

    This eBook walks you through the 5 steps necessary to pass the first test with important accounts. Learn more

  • eBooks & Kits

  • 5 Strategies for Leading a Quota-Busting Sales Team

    Discover strategies to take your team to a whole new level, how to get your team experimenting with new approaches, & the #1 skill correlated with leadership success. Learn more

  • Hidden Gems: The Ultimate Strategy to Find High Value Prospects

    Learn how to find high value prospects by identifying when they're most open to taking action. Learn more

  • LinkedIn Sales Secrets Revealed

    LinkedIn Sales Secrets Revealed: Get real examples of how seven top sellers are using LinkedIn to open more doors, and enhance their professional presence. Learn more

  • Sales Wisdom from the Wild

    What can learn about sales from the wild beasts of South Africa? A lot. A refreshing break from all the "how to" sales ebooks. It really makes you think. Learn more

  • Worksheets & Self Study Tools

  • Email Message Evaluator

    This tool will help you view your email message from the perspective of your prospects. Learn more

  • Buyer's Matrix

    Use the Buyer's Matrix to gain deep insights into your prospect's objectives, initiatives, and much more. Learn more

  • 5 Minute Sales Meetings

    Want to capture the attention of today's crazy-busy prospects? Follow these steps to create an irresistible 5-minute sales meeting. Learn more

  • 7 Hot Email Prospecting Tips

    Crazy-busy people read their email with their finger on the delete key. Use these guidelines to increase your email prospecting success. Learn more

  • Webinars & Audio

  • 5 Strategies to Jumpstart Your Sales

    Learn five ways you can boost sales and keep your prospects moving through the pipeline. Learn more

  • The Inside Scoop on Goal Setting for Sales

    Heidi Grant Halvorson shares some great insights that'll help you achieve your sales and personal goals this year. Listen here

  • Beyond the Challenger Sale

    Brent Adamson shares some groundbreaking research that has totally changed the conversation about sales. He also reveals what top performers do differently from other sales reps. Listen here