Wild Card

sales predictionsEvery year sales pundits offer their best guesses about the year ahead. Are they right? Who knows. We rarely revisit past predictions.

That's why I've never much liked them ... until I read a Making Predictions Makes You Learn Better by Annie Murphy Paul. In essence, research shows that it's really not the prediction that counts. It's the thinking process that goes into it -- and the resulting curiosity to find if what you've guessed is right/wrong that really matters. 

So here's my 2014 sales prediction:

And, it's very much related to my new book, Agile Sellingwhich I've been thinking about for two years now: 

In today's ever-changing business world, sellers are now the key differentiator. Not your products. Not your services. YOU!

And, in 2014, sellers who are agile learners will dominate. Their mindset, combined with their ability to rapidly assimilate new knowledge and acquire new skills will enable them to win significantly more and better deals. 

But what's more important is YOUR 2014 prediction.

  • What do you think will happen? 
  • What changes are occurring? 
  • What does that mean for sellers?  

You'll get smarter by peering into the future and venturing a guess. And, we'll get smarter from pondering what you predict. 

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