Agile Selling Mini-Course Video #3

I’m glad you’re here. Our goal today is to make sense of all that LinkedIn chaos you created after reading my last article: How to Rapidly Master LinkedIn. But first, a quick story.

For many years, I worked as a consultant, helping companies to jumpstart sales of their new products and services. In just three months, I had to learn about their offering, customer, sales process and more. Then, I created a special training program, playbooks and PPTs on “how to sell this new stuff.” There were some years that I did this a dozen times.

Because of my work, I had to master rapid learning skills or I’d drown. I always scanned first. And, since it was ALL new to me, I knew I’d never remember it. So, I wrote it all down. I couldn’t trust my already overloaded brain.

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AGILE SELLING Mini-Course Video #2

Welcome back. Today we’re going to look at how to use agile selling strategies to quickly master LinkedIn. Now, we’re not going to turn you into an overnight expert. However, in just 30 days we can get you up-and-running, so that you’re getting some real value out of it.

Why did I choose to tackle LinkedIn? Because whenever I speak to a group or do a workshop, I discover that the majority of reps only use a small fraction of what’s available – and they don’t do it very well.

I believe that everyone needs to learn more about LinkedIn. It's a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to use rapid learning skills.

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Last February I was in serious discussions with Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot, about co-authoring a book. At my request, he sent me several lengthy articles he’d written.

The minute I saw them, I realized the man was brilliant – and needed to write a book of his own. And he has – The Sales Acceleration Formula just came out!

Here’s the fascinating part. Mark’s an engineer and MIT grad. He’s never been in sales. Yet HubSpot’s two founders brought him in to develop “scalable, predictable revenue growth.” In just a few short years, this start-up grew to $100 million in revenue.

Mark’s unconventional strategies played a big role in making that happen. Every sales leader and entrepreneur can learn a ton from his approach. I hope you enjoy my interview with him.

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Agile Selling Mini-Course Video #1

Welcome to my new 7-part series on how to use agile selling strategies to master LinkedIn. This program is based on my newest book, AGILE SELLING – which is all about how to quickly get up to speed in today’s ever-changing sales world.

After writing SNAP Selling, which reveals how to sell to today’s crazy-busy prospects, tons of salespeople came up to me (or emailed me) and said, “I’m crazy-busy too, Jill. Can you help me?”

Initially, I didn’t have an answer for them. It sounded like they needed a time management course – which has never been my strength.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the issue went way beyond that. Everyone had too much to do – including me. We’re totally overwhelmed. Our work spills into our holidays, weekends and evenings.

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Thought you might want to listen in to my recent interview with the #Fab4 SocialHangout team of Eric Mitchell, Kevin Thomas Tully, Gabe Villamizer and Jack Kosakowski.

One after another, they grill me on what it takes to be successful today. And, I've been accused of dropping some #KonrathBombs. I don't know if that's good or bad!

You can read about it here: Sales Queen Jill Konrath Talks Industry Change. Or, you can watch the video. It's fairly entertaining.

Prefer listening? If so, it's on iTunes (#SocialHangout #11) or SoundCloud.

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I want to get you thinking today, so here’s my question:

If research showed that sales was 100% a learned skill, how would that impact your perception of your own success – or lack of it – today?

I know that sounds strange to ask, but bear with me. If it was true, how would it impact how you reacted to a competitive loss or when your prospect decided to not do anything?

  • Would you be more curious in terms of where you blew it or what went wrong?
  • Would you look at your own culpability in losing the deal?
  • Would you have tried to figure out a better way to help your prospects see the value of changing from the status quo?
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On Valentine's Day, everyone's thoughts turn to love. That's why I thought it would be fun to share why I'm so passionate about this crazy profession.

The truth is, Sales seduced me.

I never expected to like it. It had a bad reputation and I didn’t want to be seen as one of “those kind” of people. I took the job at Xerox so I could learn how to sell. I committed to doing it for one year. It didn’t take me long though to discover that my perception was totally inaccurate.

But love? I can assure you it was not love at first sight.

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It was early Tuesday morning. I was triaging my email, quickly deleting everything I could. Irrelevent or boring newsletters were zapped in a flash. Then I hit one from HubSpot: Lights, Cameras, Sales! SNAP, SPIN & Other Popular Sales Methodologies Imagined as Movies.

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With the year-end push behind him, Matt wasn’t looking forward to rebuilding his pipeline. Yet he knew that his boss would be on him to “pound the phones” as soon as he got into the office.

More, more. Faster, faster. Close, close. It was an endless cycle that sometimes made him question why he stayed in this profession.

At least the traffic was light as he drove into work. Perhaps it was a positive omen, something he desperately needed after that weird dream that had been haunting him for days.

He decided to treat himself to a latte at Starbucks before starting his prospecting marathon. On entering, he saw Danielle, the team’s perennial superstar, tucked away in a corner table. She made selling look easy.

And, he realized with a start, she’d been a key player in that dream. Maybe she’d have some insights into it’s meaning.

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The minute I heard this Always #LikeAGirl ad during the Super Bowl, I knew I had to write today's post.

I’ve been rebelling from the day I entered this (still) male-dominated profession. I didn’t intend to. In fact, when I first started out, I tried really hard to do what the guys did.

But being pushy, wasn’t part of my nature. I hated pitching; it felt so self-serving. I detested anything that smacked of manipulation. And I never was able to bring myself to use the trite closing techniques that my male colleagues claimed were so effective.

I was repeatedly told that I needed to “play with the big boys” and to “get in bed” with my customers. I learned that it was a “war” out there; that my competitors were the enemy and my job was to destroy them.

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