4 Ways to Stay Upbeat in Sales

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February 22, 2013

Today's post from the Chamber of Commerce features business-growth advice for small companies.

Sales motivationThe business of direct sales can be tough on the ego. Even the most seasoned sales professionals have days where it feels like the prospecting universe is out to get them. Have heart, keep the faith, carry your head up high and remember that this too shall pass.

Not a fan of vague inspirational clichés? Try these tangible tips for staying upbeat on the tough days in sales:

  • Remember that it’s not you. If you take every rejection or insult personally, you won’t last long in sales. Every approach will not work for every client, and in some cases a sale is next to impossible. Of course there are always ways to improve your technique and limit sales objections, but do not take a “no” as a personal attack. Accept rejection when you encounter it and shake it off before contacting the next prospect.
  • Walk away from your desk. Did you know that negativity is contagious? While there is no physical evidence of this, a person with a bad attitude sends out a negative vibe to anyone he encounters. Walk away from your work station for 10 minutes if your mental state is at a low point, you feel distracted or you are simply tired. Reset your internal outlook in order to have a better shot at a positive outcome.
  • Ask for help. It is okay to not have all the answers when it comes to making sales. If you are in a rut or unsure how to approach the next potential client, get some coaching from a peer or mentor first. Ask what tactics have worked for them in similar situations and put those tips into practice. You may also want to tap into referral selling techniques to help you with the introduction portion of a sale.
  • Keep records of wins. Just like a sports team, you cannot win every scenario in sales. Instead of wallowing in losses, however, revisit the details of your triumphs. Each time you make a significant sale, jot down a few notes on how you made it happen. This is a great way to learn from your own lessons and conjure up some encouragement on the low days.

When it comes to sales, you are your strongest asset. In order to stay valuable, stay upbeat about your talent, worth and potential. Learn from your mistakes but do not let them dictate your mood moving forward.

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