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Sequence Your LinkedIn Learning Plan

Rapid Learning Mini-Course Video #4

Hey! You’re already getting smarter. By now, you’ve discovered rapid learning requires you to do things a whole lot differently from your normal ways. Shoot, your old high school teachers would really be impressed at how organized you are now.

Now that you’ve completed your Chunking exercise, it’s time to move to a crucial next step – Sequencing.

You can’t learn it all at once.

You need to determine what’s essential to know now versus what can wait. If you’re learning something totally new, it’s likely that you don’t have the knowledge to answer that question. That’s where the experts come in.

Remember those product launches I talked about in the previous video? In very short order, I discovered that my learning needed to start with a general overview of the product and target market.

Then, I needed to throw myself into learning all about the primary decision makers – their needs, status quo, issues, challenges and objectives. Knowing this was crucial for me to figure out how to ramp up sales quickly.

Suggested Sequence for Learning LinkedIn

Here’s the deal. There’s always a sequence that works better than others.

  1. When you’re learning LinkedIn, virtually every expert suggests that you start with your profile. It’s your home base, your online professional presence. Without a strong one, you’ll look like a loser when people Google you or pop on over to check you out on LinkedIn.
  2. After that, the next thing you need to learn is how to research your prospects.
  3. Then, connecting with colleagues and customers.

And so it goes. You learn one part at a time. You figure it out. You work with it. And ultimately you internalize it.

Then, you tackle the next thing. What you want to do is create an actual learning plan for mastering LinkedIn. One step at a time.

Rapid learning can’t happen if you’re jumping around, dabbling in bits and pieces of the topic. It’s about a laser-sharp focus on one area – till you get it. Then, moving on.

So let me summarize. So far, you’ve learned about Dumping, Chunking and Sequencing. After doing all this, we’ve now narrowed it down to just one area to master first – your LinkedIn profile. But again, we come up with the proverbial question: How do I do that?

In our next episode, we’ll take a deep dive into what it takes to create a rock-solid LinkedIn profile.Sequencing

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