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Let me guess. Your company doesn't have any metrics for your value proposition and you're wondering if it's possible to be successful. Absolutely.

1. Go talk to Your Clients

If they don't have exact metrics, perhaps you can suggest a range. You might say, "Gut level – do you think it helped cut costs somewhere between 8 – 10%?" They'll either say, "That's about right," or tell you if it's too high or too low. Either way, you now have some metrics you can use.

2. Use Industry Statistics

When you start to look for them, it's amazing what you can find that can supports the need for your services and helps you create strong value propositions.

For example, 75% of executives from technology companies blame the failure of their new products on the lack of a strong value proposition. That sure relates to the work I do. Or how about the fact that the average person spends 2.7 seconds on an email to decide if they'll delete it or read it.

So don't be fretting about it – do something about it.

For more information, download the Value Proposition Kit today. value-proposition-without-metrics

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