Sales Prospecting, Success Mindset

Salespeople spend an inordinate amount of time developing cold call emails, hoping they'll create the perfect message that will get prospects to say, "Yes! I want to meet with you immediately."

That would be great, but it takes a lot of practice to find the best way to pique your prospects' interest. Here are 3 ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your prospecting email: 

  1. Self-evaluate: Send the email to yourself, then read it "as if" you were your prospect. Be brutally honest with yourself. Would it pique your curiosity and get you to respond? Or, would you delete it?
  2. Ask a trusted client for feedback: Send the email to a client – someone who already knows you and roots for you. Ask for honest feedback.
  3. Use it on real prospects: Don't worry if it's not perfect – just treat it as an experiment. Always be thinking about ways to improve your message.

So when you're worried about email effectiveness – just test everything. That's the only way you'll know. And remember, one email is not your only chance to get the business. It's only part of an 8 – 10 touch campaign. You'll have many more chances to try and engage a targeted prospect. evaluate-prospecting-emails

For more information about how to write emails that get meetings, download the Email Sales Kit.

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