Sales Prospecting

Is it spam to send a prospecting email to someone you don't know? I get asked about that a lot. Nobody wants to be seen as a spammer. So, let me give you some guidelines.

Officially, an email is spam when you're blasting a huge number of people with the same message. It's also spam if your email lacks official contact information or people can't unsubscribe from these massive blasts.

But it is not spam when you send a message to an individual that is clearly written for the intended recipient – especially if your message shows you have done your homework and have some relevant ideas. It's kind of like the difference between robocalls on the phone and personal voicemail messages.

However, if you send the same "salesy" message to every single person it will FEEL like spam to them. Why? Because you're trying to sell them on your company. You're trying to let them know how great you are. They hate it.

So, you see, you control the outcome. Write a good, personalized email and it will never be a problem. prospecting-email

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