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[Video] Pursuing Multiple Decision Makers At the Same Time

Is it a good idea to contact multiple decision makers in an organization at the same time? A lot of salespeople are afraid that means they’re going behind somebody’s back, and they certainly don’t want to to do that.

The answer is - it’s absolutely OK and you should be doing it!

You can’t have your whole future in an organization based on one person’s schedule. That person may be in overwhelm. Let me give you an example.

I work with the VP of Sales, but there are many ways for me to get into an account. I can go to the Regional Sales Manager, CEO, or VP of Marketing because my work extends to all those people.

You can do this same thing too. If you’re selling to the marketing people, you might go into the Head of Corporate Communications, the trade show person, or you might go in and speak with the Director of Marketing Communications.

Now, you don’t want to hide this. You want to be very open about it. That’s what’s important. So, you can literally say to people, "Based on my experience working with other organizations, we usually have multiple decision makers involved in the process. And so, I’ve taken it upon myself to talk to [these people] as well."

So, as you can see, you’re open, your honest, and it’s just the way that you work because there’s multiple decision makers involved and you need to talk with them to do your job well.

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