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[Video] Leverage LinkedIn Connections to Crack Into New Accounts

What strategies do I recommend for using LinkedIn to connect with others? Here are three ways that can really help you out.

  1. Check your prospect's profile. Often, you can see what they're responsible for and even some of their objectives. You can then use this info to craft a compelling message that's aligned with what's important to them. Plus, you can find areas of common interest and potential connections.
  2. After you've done that, check out the "Viewers of this Profile Also Viewed" section. That's where you'll find the names of other potential decision makers within the account – including their boss, co-workers and direct reports. Having these additional names gives you more ways to get your foot in the door.
  3. Finally, check out Recommendations. Who did your prospect recommend? Who recommended her? The people you uncover here might be good contacts for you as well.

When you're trying to set up meetings in a new account, having multiple potential contacts is essential. And, it's important to learn who they are. That's the power of LinkedIn. Make sure you use it! leverage LinkedIn connections

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