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Top Seller LinkedIn Strategy: Monitor Customer Job Changes

In Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code, which highlights the results of our 2013 Sales & LinkedIn survey, we discovered that top sellers had significantly more LinkedIn connections with their customers than everyone else. 

LinkedIn StrategyThat's a huge difference. And here’s an even starker contrast. If you look at the 55% of survey respondents who never generated an opportunity via LinkedIn, they’re only connected to 9.8% of their customers. Mmmm. Do you think being connected to customers might matter?

One LinkedIn strategy that top sellers use is getting alerts when a customer or prospect changes jobs. The only way to get these alerts is to be connected with as many prospects and customers as possible! This is a strong trigger event that can lead to untapped opportunities.

Here are 4 real-life stories shared by our survey respondents that highlight this LinkedIn strategy for sales success.

1. Vorsight Picks Up a $50,000 Deal
Steve Richard, Vorsight

What's the best source of new business for almost every salesperson? Clients who move on to new companies. At Vorsight we have a lead source called "Old Client, New Company." When a salesperson sees an alert that a client has moved to a new company, they create a lead with this source.

Recently we followed a client to a new technology company in Utah. Rather than waiting for him to reach out, we were proactive. Upon contacting him, he said that the timing was great. They signed for almost $50,000 in training in the US and internationally. This deal was all due to the power of LinkedIn and SalesLoft -- which are both free.

2. Tonya Adds $100K in New Revenue 
Tonya SignaSignature Services 

Last summer, through a LinkedIn update, I saw that someone from GE left and became CEO of a healthcare IT firm. Although I hadn't worked with him closely at GE, I sent him a note of congratulations. He contacted me within a week and asked for help ... Best of all, we've added over $100K in revenue for my firm...all from one message sent through LinkedIn.

3. George Expands a New Client
George Watson, Financial Planner 

As a Financial Adviser/Planner I noticed that one of my clients had changed companies. I immediately called him to see why he'd changed after 16 years. In that conversation, I asked about his pension from his previous company.  We discussed and then moved the funds when they became available 25 days later. 

If I hadn't seen his change, I probably would have missed the opportunity to help him with this issue that was really bothering him.

4. Jonathan Pulls in Two Six Figure Deals
Jonathan London, IPG Training 

My two biggest sales last year came after getting updates of contacts moving to new positions. I reached out to congratulate them and initiate a business conversation. In both cases we hadn't spoken in the previous several years. The result? Two six figure deals and really short sales cycles. 

The takeaway? LinkedIn connections matter. Connecting with as many customers and prospects as possible is an easy LinkedIn sales strategy that allows you to keep in touch with your network. And, if people who already know and love you change jobs -- they just might want to take you with them. 

After a successful career in the sales world, writing five books, and speaking internationally, Jill is now tackling an even bigger challenge. She's focused on bringing the "millions in the middle" together to solve some of the biggest issues facing our country and the world. Jill truly believes so much more is possible if we can work together.