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[Video] Start Small to Close Sales Faster

Sell Small to Get Big Contracts

Why in the world would you want to propose a small order or project when you could get a big one? In today's risk-averse business environment, getting a big budget item approved can take forever -- especially with all the buy-in that you have to get. In fact, it may take so much work that your prospect just says, "It's not worth the effort."

Don't let that happen to you! First of all, talk to your prospect about the reality of the situation. Find out if they anticipate problems. If so, suggest to them that you do something to get started.  

For example, you might propose an initial assessment to understand the scope of the problem. Or, you could tackle a small part of the bigger problem where you could demonstrate immediate results. Perhaps you could focus on bringing in just one of your products, services or solutions. Or maybe it would be a good idea to start in just one department or a single facility.

Going for the whole shebang at once is tempting -- but it's a strategy that could be fraught with danger. Make it easy for your prospects to work with you. Do a good job on your first project together. And then, it will be totally logical for your prospect to want to do more with your company.close sales faster

Question: What tactics do you use to close sales faster? Share your comments.

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