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Ready to take a deep dive? If so, these highly engaging workshops will help you and your sales team fill your pipeline with more high quality prospects who are ready to take action now.

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Creating More High Velocity Sales Opportunities


Leverage LinkedIn & Twitter to Drive Revenue

These sessions use improv, role-plays, brain games and group activities to stimulate thinking, activate new learning and get your people doing what works today.

Jill engages even your most experienced sales pros and leaves your sales force ready to take action. 

All sales workshops are 100% focused on your business, prospects and sales process. Best of all, they deliver results.

Available as conference breakout sessions and in ½ day or full-day format.


Creating More High Velocity Sales Opportunities

Do you have enough quality prospects in your pipeline to reach your revenue goals? If not, this workshop is designed to change that in short order. You’ll learn how to:

  • Slash the time to get your foot in the door of targeted accounts.
  • Get more high quality meetings with key decision makers.
  • Position yourself as a invaluable resource who brings high value.

What We Cover

  • Changing sales environment
  • Overview of the four SNAP Factors
  • Key buyer immersion
  • Strong value propositions
  • Leveraging sales intelligence
  • Capitalizing on trigger events
  • Creating emails/voicemails that work
  • Planning account entry campaigns

Do these strategies work? Absolutely. You get results fast. One rep landed a meeting with a CEO just eight minutes after sending an email. Another set up a conference call with a sales VP within 30 minutes.

Plus, in just two months, 87% of entire sales force arranged C-level meetings at their targeted multi-national accounts. Since these execs had avoided them for years, they thought it was impossible.

Maximize Your Investment

To make sure this session has huge payback for you, we suggest the following:

  • Read SNAP Selling before the session so we can work at a higher level.
  • Research a targeted account so we can develop messaging you can use right away.
  • Identify trigger events so we can get you in before you competitors.

After the session, it’s important to keep the learning going. There are many ways to do this including teleseminars, coaching, video lessons and more. Some you can do yourself. Others require Jill’s involvement.


Leveraging LinkedIn & Twitter to Drive Revenue

Finding it tougher and tougher to connect with prospects? Join the club. But savvy sellers who leverage social media are getting results. In this session, based on our research into over 3000 sellers, you’ll learn what the top 5% are doing to create new opportunities.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Maximize your professional presence.
  • Find prospects meeting their ideal customer parameters.
  • Research and gather invaluable prospect insights.
  • Identify trigger events that lead to change initiatives.
  • Connect with decision makers via online and offline approaches.
  • Discover what your competitors are up to.
  • Create numerous targeted lead lists that just keep growing.
  • Position yourself as a trusted resource.

This 1/2 day only session focuses primarily on LinkedIn, but also includes Twitter. The results? Better prospects, higher credibility and faster sales.


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