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I help salespeople become the competitive differentiator in an ever-evolving business environment. I share fresh strategies and kick-butt advice, wrapped with humor and humility. 

These talks are based on the ideas presented in my three bestselling books: Agile Selling, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies. They all involve improv & activities to engage the audience, be more memorable and have a greater impact.


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Fresh Strategies for Selling to Today’s Customers

What does it take to capture the attention of crazy-busy prospects and get their business? This session kicks off with a highly engaging improv role-play featuring Jill Konrath as your targeted buyer—and audience members as hopeful reps. Within minutes of seeing a typical "day in her life," you'll get why you're having trouble – and open up to new strategies.

You’ll discover new approaches for capturing your prospect's attention and setting up meetings. You'll find out how to simplify the complexity that drives prospects to a screeching halt. You'll uncover ways to become an invaluable resource customers are willing to pay more for. You'll learn how to ensure relevance and maintain momentum. Filled with real-world examples, this session is a game-changer. 


How to Be Insanely More Productive & Have Fun Doing It

Do you feel like you're always busy, yet never getting enough done? In this much-needed session, you'll find out why your current way of working actually fractures your focus, stresses you out and impedes your success.

You'll discover potent research-based strategies and rock-solid action steps to boost selling productivity and escape the busyness trap. As a bonus, you'll also activate your best thinking—which leads to faster sales cycles and more closed deals. Mastering these new strategies is crucial for sales success and sanity in the Age of Distraction.


The Powerhouse Strategies of Top Sellers

What can you personally do to stand out from the crowd and win more business? This highly engaging keynote focuses on the mindset and skill sets needed to turn yourself into an indispensable resource your prospects can't live without.

You'll learn how to disrupt the status quo, energize buyers into taking action and create opportunities out of thin air. Better yet, you'll expand the flexibility and fluidity of your own thinking—ensuring that you never run out of good ideas to help your clients and prospects. When you capitalize on these new strategies, competitors won't stand a chance.

Want to Maximize Your Event's Impact? 

There are so many things we can do related to pre-event promotion, post-event resources and continuing conversations. Over the years, I've done the following for my clients:

  • Created promotional videos to drive attendance.
  • Done special book-signings after the session.
  • Been interviewed via podcast pre-event or video during the program.
  • Developed online follow-up sessions to continue the learning.
  • Been a “dinner prize” for the winning sales team.
  • Engaged in online forums and discussion groups.
  • …and more!
If you have ideas, we’re always open to helping you achieve your goals.

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