In sales, it's tough to cut through the clutter, be remembered, and make things happen. If so, you might want to consider using metaphors. According to presentation expert Anne Miller, these signs are key indicators that a metaphor will help you:

  1. Your client is confused.
  2. They're stuck on an objection.
  3. They don't see any difference between you and competitors.
  4. You want to drive home a point vividly and memorably.
  5. You have to wiggle out of a difficult situation.
  6. Your client is stalling.
  7. You want to wow or motivate a larger audience.

Sounds like our everyday life in sales! To learn more about using metaphors, check out Anne's cool infographic below. Also her book, The Tall Lady with the Iceberg, is one of my favorites. goodidea_w


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