Success Mindset, Winning Deals

Have you ever tried to figure out what might go wrong before a meeting? That might be one of the smartest things you could do to win more sales.

Rather than waiting till the end to find out that you lost – and why – you can think about it way ahead of time when you can still make a difference.

When I think about all the business I've lost over the years, 3 main themes come to mind.

  1. I overlooked some critical piece of information.
  2. I wasn't working with the right decision makers.
  3. My prospect decided it was easier to stay with the status quo.

Knowing that those are my main themes gives me the ability to think about them seriously before I meet with my prospects. If I feel that I’m missing some vital info, I'll stop and ask about it before I rush blindly forward. If I'm concerned about my relationship with the entire decision team, I'll focus on that before I make a big mistake.

And, I'll always be checking with my prospects about their feelings regarding the business case. I don't like to lose sales I could have won. That's why looking at what could possibly go wrong makes me happy! win-more-sales

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