Sales Prospecting, Winning Deals

How should you respond when a prospect asks you to tell them about your stuff? Most of us get excited because we think they're really interested in what we're offering, but the truth is they're really looking for a way to dismiss us.

Beware -- if you talk about your stuff, you'll be brushed off in moments!

So what should you do? Rather than try to give a quick overview, focus on a story -- be prepared to share a real-live customer scenario. You'll be much more successful if you've practiced it ahead of time too.

So, when someone asks me to tell them about my training programs, I'll say:

"Let me give you an example. Recently I was working with Cox Media. Like most of my clients, they were struggling with new client acquisition. Their target market was fortune 500 companies. Prior to working with them, each rep picked out one biggie they wanted to set up a meeting with – and 87% achieved that objective in just 2 months."

Once you've used your story to pique your prospect's interest, conclude with, "That's just one example of what we do. What's most important is to find out if it makes sense for you to change." Then, proceed to questions.sales-objection

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