Wild Card

Coming Soon! SNAP Selling—The Movie?

It was early Tuesday morning. I was triaging my email, quickly deleting everything I could. Irrelevent or boring newsletters were zapped in a flash. Then I hit one from HubSpot: Lights, Cameras, Sales! SNAP, SPIN & Other Popular Sales Methodologies Imagined as Movies.

It caught my eye with it's funky title. The graphic was unique. And, it had SNAP in the title. Could they possbily be talking about my book? Turns out yes, they were. And, they've created a delightful movie poster to showcase what it would look like if Steven Speilberg directed ...

SNAP, The Movie. It should be a block-buster. Watch for me at next year's Oscars.

SNAP Selling Movie Poster

Also, you won't want to miss this quadruple feature for quota-busting closers. 

Sales Methodologies Quadruple Feature Movie Poster

 Once again, many thanks to HubSpot for creating these fun posters. 

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