Sales Prospecting

[Video] Sales Messages That Get You Noticed By Senior Executives

If you really want to capture your prospect’s attention, you need a sales message that piques their curiosity and gets them to sit up and take notice. And, if you’re selling to a senior executive today, you’ve only got 30 seconds to make that happen – or you’re dismissed as not worth talking to.

But what are those attention grabbers? The best ones are industry or marketplace statistics that are relevant to your prospect – and related to what you sell.

For example, for many years I used this one to initiate a conversations with VP's of Sales: Are you aware that 75% of Sales VP's say that the root cause of their new product’s failure was a weak value proposition?

Today I could say, “Did you know that a prospect is over 60% of the way through their decision process before they contact your company?”  Or, I might say, “Research shows that your salespeople are 5X more likely to get a call returned if they have a personal connection.”

My prospects are interested in these things. And, I have services in these areas.

But how about you? Do you have industry research you can use? Do you enough? If not, get online right away and start looking. Using data from an external resource not only validates what you do – it grabs your prospect’s attention.sales messages that get you noticed

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