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How does being "crazy busy" impact selling? It affects your prospects in a huge way.

First of all, your prospects put up barriers to access. They're protecting their time at all costs so it's much harder to set up an initial meetings. But it goes beyond that.

Your prospect today can't handle much complexity, so you can easily throw them into overwhelm by giving them too much information at one time. If it's hard for them to decipher the business value of your product or service, they'll just forget about it.

Speaking of forgetting – crazy-busy people are forgetful. They forget that they were going to get back to you. They forget that they were going to organize a meeting. That's what being frazzled does to you.

And, crazy-busy people subscribe to the philosophy that "If it's not broken, why fix it." That means you'll have to really work hard to ensure they understand how much better – from a business value standpoint – that things will be if they work with your company.

Finally, crazy-busy prospects think that you and your competitors are near clones of each other. To them, any differences are minutia and any advantages are temporary. This makes it a whole lot more challenging to differentiate yourself and keep out of price battles.

But it can be done – if you focus on the four SNAP Rules throughout the sales process.

4 SNAP Rules

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Be Invaluable
  3. Always align with their business objectives
  4. Raise priorities

Think about it. This is what works today.dealing with crazy busy prospects

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