Sales Prospecting

Example of a Sales Pitch Style Prospects Can't Stand

Answering the question "What do you do?" seems like it would be easy, but it's more difficult than you think - especially if you haven't put much thought into how you would respond. Here's one common sales pitch example that will send prospects running for the hills.

The Rambler Sales Pitch

sales pitch exampleMuch as I dearly love most Ramblers, they do drive me (and most everyone else) crazy. As you can imagine, Ramblers babble on-and-on, seemingly unaware of their affect on prospective buyers. Based on my observations, there are two types of Ramblers.

1. Floundering-For-My-Niche Ramblers

These Ramblers lack a clear target market and value proposition. Their response to the “What do you do?” question is usually lengthy and scatter-brained.

Example of their sales pitch: “I do a lot of things. I’ve done lots of sales training in the past. But lately lots of my customers have been asking me to do facilitation. I’m really good at helping companies launch new products.

"Sometimes I write their marketing copy; sometimes I do PR. It really doesn’t matter. I like doing both – and I'm good at both. I’m doing this neat project right now for a client – it’s mapping the various futures for their markets so I’m into strategy development too.”

Why it’s a problem: The floundering Ramblers share everything they can do – hoping that something they say piques your interest. They don’t want to close down any opportunity to generate revenue. Unfortunately, their sales pitch has just the opposite affect. People much prefer to work with specialists. Also, what these Ramblers don’t know is that they project a sense of desperation and ‘lost-ness’ that’s unattractive to most all buyers.

2. I-Love-My-Subject Ramblers

Ask these Ramblers what they do and you’ll wish you never had. Typically they’re highly involved with their products or processes –and really love them. When they start talking, they don’t want to stop.

Example of their sales pitch: “We do process re-engineering with the various department, divisions, business units and subsidiaries from organizations as well as the numerous contractors that provide products and services that go into the development of your own branded and unbranded products. We initially start by doing a comprehensive assessment of the multiple groups involved in the process, covering questions such as …”

Why it’s a problem: Boring! While these Ramblers are certainly specialists, they say so much that you don’t know what’s important or relevant in their sales pitch. And the last thing you want to do is ask them another question because they may bore you to tears.

How do you answer when someone asks you what you do? Are you rambling on with out purpose, or do you have a clear and concise plan on what to say? Take the time to create your best sales pitch - it will open the door to many more sales opportunities.

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