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Examples of Elevator Speeches

The Minimizer

When asked the question “What do you do?” most people minimize their value. Minimizers position themselves by either their title or by their products/services. Their elevator speeches are brief and factual. They really dislike “puffery” and bragging and give the most concise response possible.

Here are some common examples of The Minimizer elevator speech:

  • "I sell software."
  • "I'm a consultant."
  • "I'm a mortgage broker."
  • "I'm self-employed."

There are two main problems with the way Minimizer's respond to the big question:

1. It's boring! When you lead with your title, most people immediately assume they know what you do. How many other web designers are there? How about printing salespeople? Marketing communications companies? IT specialists?

As a consequence, people typically aren’t too interested in learning more, and the conversation ends or moves on to a different topic. You’ve shut the door on any opportunity to build your referral network.

2. You become a commodity:  When you position yourself by the products or services you sell, you also put yourself into the same category as your competitors, which makes you a commodity.

If someone needs what you do, they immediately want to know how much you charge or what your price is. No matter what you say, you’re in trouble! Buyers automatically compare your price tag to other suppliers – even though they don’t know why you may be a better value, more productive or more capable.

Perception is everything. Don’t let people assume they know what you do. Make sure to clearly articulate the value you bring to the companies you work with.

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