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Right now I’m in the process of switching to a new CRM system. My current one is decent, but it lacks a tight integration with social media that I think is so vital today. But do you know how I’m feeling right now?

I have this huge pit in the bottom of my stomach. I dread making this change – even though I believe it’s better for me. All I can think about is having to learn a new system that disrupts my normal way of working. I’m swirling in the confusion. I hate going backwards before I can go forward.

Another part of me is screaming, “Jill, you don’t have time for this. Other projects you’re working on are much more important.” And, I’m right. I don’t have time.

And then I started to laugh. As sellers, we need to remember this feeling. It’s what our prospects and customers are dealing with every single day as they face new buying decisions.

Is it any wonder that they choose to stay with their status quo?

I can honestly say, that the only reason I said yes to this change is that this CRM company promised me they’d help me through the entire transition.

Here are my challenges to you. If change is hard for your customers, what can you to do to make buying decisions easier for them? And, if it’s not going to be easy, how can you make sure that they know the pain is worth the ordeal?

Think about it! It’ll impact your sales results.

Buying Decisions

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