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I want you to think about all those prospects you’re planning to close this month. Pretty confident that you’ll get their business?

Well, I’ve got news for you. Research shows that 60% of the people you’re expecting to close – won’t. And they’re not going to your competitors either. They’re sitting there, mulling it over and asking themselves …. Does it really make sense to change?

Intellectually they may say yes, but then they get to thinking about hassle – and ultimately decide to stick with their status quo.

Your biggest opportunity to increase sales is to focus on that 60%. How? Start by asking yourself these two questions:

  1. How can I help them understand what they’re really losing out on by continuing with the status quo? People hate “losing” so it’s a good place to put your emphasis.
  2. How can I make it easier for them to say yes? Decisions grind people to a halt. If you can reduce their risk and simplify the process, you’ll improve your results.

So … rather than running out chasing new prospects … take a look at the ones you already have. The 60% you’re losing right now have already raised their hands and said they’re considering a change. You just have to get better at helping them do it.

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