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[Video] Do These Things Before Your Online Business Meeting

If you're not doing online business meetings yet, you will be shortly. They're great for initial meetings, in-depth discussions, demos, presentations and more. Here are some things to consider to make sure you come across as a real pro.

Let’s start with what to do before the business meeting. First, make sure that what people see on the screen looks decent. Clean up your desk, eliminate any clutter and turn up the lights. Also, think about what you’re going to wear. Seriously. Dress as if you’re actually meeting in person. But make sure to avoid bright colors or gaudy patters.

Then, make sure you do some dry runs. If this technology is new to you, practicing ahead of time will ease your angst. I’d suggest that you corner a colleague who can give you feedback on your professional image, body language and even an irritating habits you might have. Personally, I work from a laptop, so I put a couple books under it so that it’s at eye level and I can look straight into the camera.

Speaking of that, make sure you drag the other person’s video window right up under the camera. It’s critical to maintain good eye contact. And, if they’re in your lower left screen, that’s where you’ll be looking. That’s not the best way to establish a good relationship.

And finally, put as much time and effort into planning an online business meeting as you would an in-person one. Check attendees out on LinkedIn. Pull together an agenda. Write down the questions you want to ask.

Taking these steps will make a huge difference in the success of your online business meeting.

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