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[Video] How to Nurture Prospects Without Being a Pest

Keeping in front of your prospects is essential for sales success. It often takes between 10-12 emails or phone calls before you actually connect. And, in most cases, they're not ready to make a change.  

So how can you nurture prospects and keep in touch without being a pest? And, better yet, how can you contact prospects in a way that elevates your credibility?  

The key is to be a content curator -- a person who sifts through the morass of available information to find resources that your prospects would find value in.  

Of course, this means two things for you. First off, you need to be constantly on the look out for good information. Each day -- or certainly every week -- you need to take time to read & educate yourself. Sign up for industry newsletters. Watch relevant videos. Check on the business press.  Browse magazines your prospects are likely to read. Get the picture?  

Okay. Step two. Send your prospects an email or letter with a short note. For example, you could say, "Based on our previous conversation, I thought you'd be interested in this." or "If you're like most sales VP's I work with, this article could be of interest."  

Don't forget --you can send the same tidbit of information to multiple prospects too. And do it often -- weekly for hot prospects, monthly for longer-term opportunities.  

By assuming the new role of content curator, you become a trusted resource and the go-to person when it's time to make a decision.nurture prospects

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