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[Video] Make Getting More LinkedIn Recommendations a High Priority

So how many LinkedIn recommendations do you have on your profile? If you don’t have at least 10, you’re selling yourself short – and here’s why. Your prospects are checking you out. They want to know what kind of person you are.  

Imagine if they go to your profile and see one or 2 recommendations – and they’re from your peers or former co-workers. Not too impressive.  

Then, imagine them bopping over to your competitor’s profile and seeing 15 LinkedIn recommendations – many from her clients. And they start reading and learn that she’s been a great resource, that she’s really helped them achieve their business goals, that she made sure the project was done on time and under budget. And that they really appreciated the time she spent understanding their needs.  

See the difference? You’re automatically in a down position just because you haven’t invested the time to get these recommendations. You may be 10 times better than your competitor, but no one would ever know.  

So right now, here’s what I want you to do. List 20 people you’d like to get a recommendation from. Then, send the request telling asking them to please write one for you. If you want them to focus on something specific, make sure to mention it.  

Got it? Okay. Now get to work!LinkedIn Recommendation

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