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You know how you go on LinkedIn to check out your prospect’s profile? Well, guess what? They’re checking you out too.

If all they see is a bare-bones resume listing your previous work experience, they’re not going to be one bit impressed.

Nor will they get excited about meeting you if you describe yourself as a high energy, tenacious sales hunter. That’ll scare ‘em off good.

Instead, you want them to say, “This person sounds really sharp. She gets my challenges. It’d be worth meeting with her."

One of the best ways to make that happen is to craft a customer-focused summary that makes you come alive. Let me give you a couple examples.

Dave sells commercial real estate. In his LinkedIn summary he says, “I help people make high quality business decisions that involve real estate. I do everything I can to help them maximize their returns by minimizing risk.” Then he tells them how he does it.

And here’s how Lorena starts hers out: "Are you using email marketing to reach your customers and prospects?” She then proceeds to talk about why it’s important and how she helps her customers.

In John’s profile he says, “I've enjoyed an amazing 20 year career in the telecommunications industry that’s given me a deep understanding of my customer’s challenges."

See the difference?

To have immediate credibility with your prospects, make sure you write your LinkedIn summary with them in mind. Keep it short and engaging too – they’re quickly scanning to see if it’s worth talking with you.LinkedIn Summary Examples

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