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[Video] Does Social Selling Really Work?

If you're new to social selling, you're probably wondering if it's worth doing. After all, it takes time to build your online brand, search for info about prospects, connect with new people and especially, share your insights.

Let me give you an example of how different social selling is from our traditional approach. Thomas von Ahn of Viral Solutions recently shared with me that 58% of his company's revenue comes directly from LinkedIn initial contacts.

What's he doing? First off, he's got his bases covered with a decent profile. And, he's not one bit like those pushy, self-promotional people who are looking for quick hit. Instead, he's a go-giver, in it for the long haul because it's the right thing to do.

Tom has joined numerous groups that are frequented by his targeted customer. He participates in lots of group discussions. He even asks good probing questions to start his own discussions.

Tom regularly gives free advice -- without expecting it to immediately turn into business. He offers free e-books and free white papers. He shares good resources that can help solve problems his company can't. And, he even wishes people happy birthday.

Tom has identified the people he'd like to work with. And, he's open to finding new prospects as they emerge. To keep track of things, he logs conversations, tracks their needs and documents what they do, personal interests, etc.

Finally, his company uses a marketing automation system for follow-up purposes. As Tom says, "The social automation and personal attention allows us to reach more needs and solve more problems with fewer bodies and a higher ROI."

Examples of Social SellingSocial selling isn't rocket science. It's just the savvy use of social media to connect with people, showcase your expertise and create fresh opportunities.

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