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Are buyer's expectations of salespeople changing? They sure are. Today's crazy-busy prospects have raised their standards in the past few years. If you just want to talk with them about your product or service, they have absolutely no time for you. All that information is on the Internet -- and they can read it on their own time. They don't need you for that.

Today's buyers expect you to have an understanding of their business, their industry or their profession. They want you to be a knowledgeable asset for them -- someone who can bring them ideas, insights and information that will help them run their business better.

If you fail to personally add value -- you simply not worth meeting with. And, telling them about your product or service is not valuable to them. They may meet with you once, but that's it.

In the past year, the bar has been raised. If you're not continually learning, growing and bringing more to the buyer-seller relationship, you are replaceable. If you don't want that to happen -- start focusing on becoming the differentiator. Make yourself so invaluable that they can't live without you.developing relationships with customers

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