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[Video] The 3 Best Sales Questions to Beat Status Quo



What questions do I recommend salespeople ask? Truthfully, that depends on where your prospect is in the decision process. But let's assume today that your prospect isn't thrilled with the status quo, but hasn't yet decided if it's worth the extra work to change. And, I'm saying that because over 90% of your prospect feel that way.

So what do you ask? Personally, I think it's imperative to find out about their status quo. That's why I suggest starting with a question such as, "Tell me about your current situation."My own question would be, "Tell me about your sales force."

Then, I'd want to learn about the challenges they were facing, so I'd ask, "What are the biggest issues your'e facing right now?"  I'd also want to find out how those issues would impact their ability to achieve their goals -- so I'd ask, "How will these challenges affect your ability to reach your objectives this year?"

Finally, I'd want to know what they were already doing to address these challenges, so I'd ask, "What types of strategies have you put in place to help you close the gap?"

The best sales questions to beat status quo: 

  1. Start by asking about their situation -- specifically as it relates to your offering.
  2. Find out about the issues.
  3. Uncover the business impact of these challenges and discover what they're already doing about sales questions
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