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[Video] 3 Cold Calling Strategies Savvy Sellers Use

You've probably heard lots of people tell you that cold calling is dead, dead, dead. That's not true. Lots of people are still doing it -- but they're no longer dialing for dollars.

Here are 3 cold calling strategies savvy sellers use to get new opportunities:

  1. Do their homework. Research the organization to understand the decision maker that they're calling on and learn the key issues and concerns.
  2. Craft targeted messages that focus on the specific business issues the prospect is facing.
  3. Plan a campaign. Create a series of 10-12 targeted messages using a variety of media because they know that they'll never get in the door with just one call today.

Cold calling is alive and well for smart, savvy sales people! Intelligent salespeople go slower, but are more effective because they have a depth of understanding that shows through in their messages and conversations.

Cold Calling

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