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TMTQ -- Too Much, Too Quick. It's something we all have a tendency to do -- especially if we have a prospect who seems really interested in our product or service. Seriously -- think about what you do after you talk to someone who says, "I'm definitely interested. Send me some info." If you do it by email, I'll bet you send along at least three attachments. Or, maybe you send links to at least three places on your website.

If you're at meeting, you get overcome with the urge to let your prospect know about the full range of your product or service offering. It's not good enough to focus on the issue at hand. You want them to know about everything they can get from your company.

If they're particularly interested in something specific, you give whole folder with all the excruciating details they need to know about it.

Think of the sheer overwhelm you're creating. And, the reality is, this overwhelm creates indecision. The more options a person has, the less likely they are to choose anything.

The more information there is to look at, the less like a person is to read anything.

To be effective, think about what your prospect needs next. Just next. Don't think about everything they'll need to know eventually -- or everything that you want them to know about. That's Too Much, Too Quick. Just give your prospects what's next. Make it 1 Sales Meeting Follow-Up Best Practice

Question: How do you prevent overwhelming your prospects when following up after a sales meeting?

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