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Whenever I do a sales workshop, I get asked, "How often should I contact my prospects?" Salespeople want to know if once a week is too much -- or if they should wait longer before reaching out again. If this is something you're struggling with, here's a fresh perspective for you.


If you're like most sellers, you worry about being a pest. You hate bugging a prospect over-and-over again. But I'm here to tell you something very different today.

It's your responsibility to keep bugging them -- especially if your prospect told you that they're interested and really do want to work with you and then disappear into the black hole. The truth is, they've been sidelined by other priorities. They still want to move ahead, but other more urgent matters have popped up. 

Let me give you an example. I just went to the dentist the other day. They know I want to get my teeth cleaned on a regular basis. But I can think of gazillion other things that take priority over that.

Fortunately, my dentist's office keeps after me. I get a post card about 3 weeks before I'm supposed to go in again. Then they call, but I don't call them back. Then they call again. Now they're emailing me.

I keep putting it off -- even though I know I need to go. Then I get a message that it's past due -- and they're only trying to help me keep my dental health -- like I requested. 

Ultimately, I do what I want to do. But it's only cause they kept after me and focused on why it was important to me.

They didn't just touch base or check to see if anything had change. They just kept reminding me of my priorities. And finally, I set up the meeting.

See what I mean. It's okay to be a visible irritant. It actually helps your prospects.

YOUR TURN: Do you ever feel like a pest when you are prospecting?  How do you overcome that feeling? Share with us!

Why You Must Be a Visible Irritant When Prospecting

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