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[Video] Why You Should Never Send Funny Items to Your Prospects

When your prospects don't respond to any of your overtures, it's enough to drive you crazy. All you can think about is, "What will it take to capture their attention?" If you're like me, you've been tempted to get creative. But, the real question is, "Will creative be effective?" 

VIDEO MESSAGE: Does sending funny items to your sales prospects help you set up meetings? Lots of sellers think that if they do something off-the-wall it will make a difference. But what do corporate decision makers think?

Perhaps it will at smaller firms, but I have to tell you that if you're trying to get into a bigger company, the people you're calling on have seen it all before.

While you may think it's cool to send a shoe in a box with a note that says, "Just trying to get my foot in the door," please know others have already tried it.

I was recently at a meeting where the VP of Marketing for a large medical device company was speaking to a group of salespeople. She said, "Don't send me a magic wand with a cutesy note about how you can work magic with my company. It makes me see you as a lightweight -- someone who doesn't have a valid business reason to see me."

If that's the perception you want your prospects to have, by all means try being clever. But if you want to be taken seriously, focus on the impact you can potentially have for their company. That's what your prospects really care about. Never, Ever Call Your Best Prospects First

YOUR TURN: Have you ever sent a funny item to a prospect?  What did they think?  Share with us!

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