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Don't Let Your Emotions Take Over the Sales Call

Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success has seen to many smart, savvy people blow it because of their own fears, uncertainty and doubt.


My number one piece of advice:  Never, ever let your emotions take over the sales call. That's what happens when you have a tough prospect, one asks challenging questions or  pressures you on price early during the sales meeting.

You can tell your emotions have taken over when you walk out of a meeting or hang up the phone saying, "I can’t believe I said that" or "how could I forget to mention ..."

You know what to say and do. Yet when you're involved in a stressful selling scenario, your old brain takes over causing you to go into fight or flight behavior.  As a result, your heart rate increases and adrenaline and cortisol are released affecting clarity of thought. 

In other words, you're left with the thinking skills of a gnat.  

Mange your emotions and you will stop the flood of stress hormones. Manage your emotions and you will have clarity of thought and purpose. Manage your emotions and you'll able to execute effective sales and negotiation strategies. 

Manage your emotions or they will manage you.

For more info about Colleen's work in emotional intelligence & sales, visit Tape on Mouth


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