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In today's words of "never" wisdom, Lori Richardson, author of 50 Days to Build Your Sales and CEO of Score More Sales shares an invaluable lesson a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) taught her about email prospecting and email communications.


A number of years ago when I worked for a technology startup, I was communicating with a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a Fortune 500 company. Periodically I'd send him email  messages regarding things that needed to get done to move the project forward.

For example, one time I included three items that needed to get done, which I explained in excruciating detail. He had his administrative assistant take care of the first one -- only. This happened again. He'd only partially reply. It was driving me crazy.

Finally I asked him if he saw the 3 steps we needed to accomplish, and he said, “No.”

Upon further conversation, he told me that he only read what was on his computer screen. He never SCROLLED DOWN!

Because of that, I learned to write succinctly when dealing with busy people, especially C-level decision makers. 

It also opened my mind to asking prospects what the best way to communicate is. For some, it is e-mail, for others phone, and still others, Twitter DMs.  By asking, rather than assuming you’ll find the best way to approach and follow up with these valuable prospective clients.

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