Sales Prospecting

[Video] 3 Critical Questions You Must Ask Every Hot Prospect

Have you ever been called in by a prospect who's all excited about making a change? They're busy meeting with vendors, looking at all their options. And, they want you to get a proposal to them right away  -- or to do a presentation.

Stop, stop, stop! If you don't fully understand the 'why' behind all this activity, you may be spinning your wheels for nothing.

1.  Ask them, "Why, at this particular moment in time, did you decide that change was essential?" Find out what they say. Does it make sense?

2.  Ask them again, "What's the business case for the change?" If your solution costs a lot or is tough to implement, they need to have a pretty strong business case. Do they? If not, showing your solution is premature.

3.  Also ask them, "Why would you switch from your current provider?" I know that sounds bold – but the truth is, no one really wants to switch. Unless they have a good reason you may be wasting your time.

Don't be afraid to find out what's behind all this activity. Sometimes the truth hurts and they're not really a hot prospect. But you'll know before you invest tons of time. And, so it's worth it. 3 Critical Questions You Must Ask Every Hot Prospect

YOUR TURN: Have you ever jumped through hoops for a really hot prospect for nothing?  What did you learn?  Share your comments!

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