Sales Prospecting, Working Smarter

create sales opportunitiesThere's nothing I like better than engaging prospects when they're NOT thinking of making any changes from the status quo. 

This may seem counterintuitive or perhaps even like sales heresy if you've spent your career chasing prospects who are already in the buying mode. After all, they already have money in the budget for your product/service and are actively looking for new options.

So why would I recommend chasing "non-lookers" versus the tempting low-hanging fruit? Lots of reasons:

1. The incumbent is sleeping.

Since dislodging the status quo is always your biggest sales challenge, you want to slip in under the existing provider's radar screen.

By bringing in new perspectives that help prospects better achieve their objectives, you gain a foothold in an otherwise impenetrable account. The incumbent's failure to do so creates a credibility gap for them and opens the door for you.

2. Your competitors aren't around.

If you do things right, you can prove your capabilities, demonstrate your expertise, and establish a strong relationship long before any competitors enter the scene. They'll be playing catchup from the start. And, in most cases, they'll find it extremely difficult to close the gap.

3. You set the playing field.

By bringing new ideas, insights, and information to your prospect, you help determine the criteria against which future "go-ahead" decisions will be judged. This gives you a chance to best position the strengths of your product, service, or solution.

4. Sales cycles get condensed.

When you leverage your expertise to help customers sort through everything that has to be considered to make a change, their decision-making process go faster.

5. Customers often love you.  

Okay, I don't mean literally. But if you've ever had someone show you a better way, then made it simple to implement it, you know what I mean. That's how I feel when I visit the Apple Genius Bar, where tech gurus show me how to solve seemingly insoluble problems on my computer. 

As you can see, there are many good reasons to get engaged with prospective customers earlier rather than later. Plus, you won't find yourself constantly fighting pricing battles.

So start thinking about pursuing business with those non-lookers today. But don't talk about your products or services. Your prospects are only concerned about their objectives or eliminating the barriers that stand in the way of achieving them.

Keep your focus on that and the possibilities are endless!

Question: Have you had success going after non-lookers?  Share with us below.

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