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[Video] What If You Couldn't Get Any New Customers?

Today's video is designed to get you thinking. Seriously thinking. If you're on a sales team, talk about it together. If you're on your own, explore the ramifications. What you discover may have a huge impact on your success this year.

And when you're done, please add your thoughts & comments below. Your ideas may stimulate us all to think at a higher level.

Video Script: If you've been in the sale profession for any length of time, you probably have a whole laundry list of assumptions about what it takes to be successful. But our marketplace is undergoing radical change. Our customers expect different things from us. In fact, they barely need us because everything they need to know is online.

These are the kinds of sales situations that get me thinking. Are we missing anything? Are we capitalizing on the trends? Should we be changing anything so that we can have a greater impact and more success with less effort?

So one of the things I want to do in the upcoming months is to pose some questions that'll get us thinking about our jobs differently. And the first question I'm going to pose is around new client acquisition. Now this is something I'm personally really good at. And it's where I do the bulk of my work with sales organizations.

But, what if -- next year -- you were told that you couldn't get any new clients. I'm serious. What if your income next year was 100% dependent on sales you generated from your customer base?

If that were the case -- if all you could do was work with your existing customers:

  • What would you do differently?
  • How would you approach your job in new ways?
  • What would you stop doing?
  • What would you do more of?

Think about it. What if you could only earn your income in the next 12 months from your existing customers? How would that change things?

And then, how could you take those insights and leverage them today to be even more successful? Think about it. It's a good idea.

What ideas did today's video stimulate for you? How can they help you get more business?What If You Couldn't Get Any New Customers


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