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I Hate LinkedIn Profiles Like This ...

Every time I do a sales acceleration workshop with a new client, I go to LinkedIn to check out the profiles of people who will be attending. Invariably, I see Summary sections that read like this:

  • Bad LinkedIn ProfilesBig Deal's innovative solutions are blah, blah, blah. Our extensive client list includes these well-known organizations. We specialize in all this stuff.
  • Quota-busting sales professional with 15 years experience in technology sales. Doggedly persistent, tough negotiator and fearless competitor.

Yes, that's a bit of hyperbole. But I think you get what I mean. And, my guess is that 85% of you who are reading this have a way-too-similar profile.


Your LinkedIn profile is NOT a brochure. And it is NOT a resume. Not anymore.

Your LinkedIn profile is your professional presence. It's where prospects go to check YOU out – as a person.

They want to know if you're a credible resource. If you understand their business. If you've worked with other companies like theirs before. The kind of results you've achieved.

They want to get a sense for who you are as an individual. If you're worth meeting with. If you can add value to the conversation. If you can bring them ideas, insights and information that will help them achieve their goals.

Write your LinkedIn profile for your prospects. Don't be stuffy. Be real. When you show who YOU are, they'll want to meet with you.

To really shine on your LinkedIn profile – think of every single aspect of it. Your posts, recommendations, updates, previous experience and more.

It makes a difference. You're evaluated as a person by what you post on LinkedIn. Use it to your advantage.

... and in my next newsletter, we're going to take a look at what I can personally do to improve my LinkedIn profile. Even though it's "good," I'm ready to take it to the next level.

You can check it out here: While you're there, send me an invite to connect! (My email is jill @ jillkonrath dot com.)

After a successful career in the sales world, writing five books, and speaking internationally, Jill is now tackling an even bigger challenge. She's focused on bringing the "millions in the middle" together to solve some of the biggest issues facing our country and the world. Jill truly believes so much more is possible if we can work together.