Wild Card, Working Smarter

Order AGILE SELLING: http://www.jillkonrath.com/agile-sellingShortly after SNAP Selling came out, tons of salespeople said to me, “This is great info on selling to today’s crazy-busy prospects. But I’m frazzled too. How can you help me?”

Initially, I thought it was a time management problem. But, after pondering things for a while, I realized it was a bigger issue.

  • Too much was changing: products, buying cycles, the economy, technology, competitors.
  • Customers expected more. They wanted you to continually bring them ideas, insights and information to help them be more successful.
  • To stay at the top of your game, you needed to always be learning – but when? Your calendar is already full.

It was literally impossible to keep up at the same time you needed to meet your numbers.  

No wonder every seller I talked to was in overwhelm – and worried about making their quota. For those who’d just taken a new sales position, the challenge was even greater.

So … that’s why I wrote AGILE SELLING. It’s all about the mind-set, skills and habits you need to get up to speed quickly and rapidly adapt to changing conditions.

Because I believe so strongly that
you’ll get value from AGILE SELLING, 
I personally guarantee it.

Get your copy today. There’s literally no risk in doing so. If, after reading/listening to it, you think it wasn’t worth it, let me know and I’ll personally send you a check. Me, not Amazon or BN. I guarantee it’s worth your time.

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