Have you ever found yourself staring at your computer because you need to get something done – but you’re totally brain dead? Or, you’re trying to come up with a better way to handle a tough sales challenge, but nothing – and I mean nothing —comes to mind? 

If you’re like most people, you’ll bop on over to email or do something else equally distracting. Or, you might decide to power it out, willing yourself to find the answer.

Stop! You're Making It Worse!

None of these options work all that well. Instead, when you hit an impasse or you’re stuck, it’s time to do something radical. And, yes, I mean radical – but also highly effective.

It’s time for a movement break – one that reignites your cubicle brain. You need to stand up, move away from that desk and get that body in motion. If it’s a nice day, take a 5-10 minute walk. Don’t even think about the problem you’re faced with. Just enjoy being outside.

If it’s a lousy day – like it is in Minnesota right now – walk the stairs in your office building. Or put on that warm jacket and get your butt outdoors. Moving. Or you could even do some calisthenics.

Here’s why: Your brain can’t perform at its optimal level all day.

Various research studies show that between 57 and 90 minutes is the max it can handle focusing on one thing. Then it gets stuck in cubicle mind mode.

Your brain needs a break – and the best one is movement. Especially the kind that allows your mind to wander.

A couple interesting things happen when you do this. First off, you need to know that your brain is still working for you – but in the background. It’s searching for possible answers, options or ideas.

And secondly, physical activity increases the blood flow to the brain – which triggers a cascading flow of good things. Your problem-solving capacity improves. Your ability to think on your feet gets better. You long-term memory and ability to concentrate is enhanced. And so is your reasoning ability.  

All this happens simply because you moved.

As human beings we’re not designed to sit in cubicles. We’re not meant to stare at computers all day long. We’re meant to move. So get off your butt – frequently and often. You’ll be a much smarter seller because of it.  Screen_Shot_2015-12-09_at_6.39.18_PM.png


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