Selling Tools

Last Friday I was interviewed for an upcoming Salesforce documentary on The Story of Sales. Velanie, a make-up artist, had been hired to work her wonders on me before filming began. I felt like a movie star.

She asked me about the documentary, I told her it was about sales ... my specialty.

While initially disappointed that I wasn't a real celebrity, Velanie quickly regrouped and shared her one-and-only sales tip:

"If you wear lipstick, you'll make more sales."

That was new!

When I asked her why, Velanie said: "Our trainer told us that it causes people to focus on your lips and actually pay more attention to what you're saying."

Hmmm. I'm not sure if that's true—especially for the guys. But, because last Saturday (July 29) was National Lipstick Day, I decided to share Velanie's sales tip with you ... for fun!

Of course, you can try it too! Be sure to let me know in the comments if you've seen positive sales results when you add lipstick, or if you follow any other quirky sales practices!

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