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[Video] How You Can Be an Invaluable Sales Resource

In today's marketplace, your prospects have so many options -- and they know it. When you tell them, "We're special" -- they don't believe you. If you say, "We have a passion for excellence" -- they don't care one little bit. Tons of companies have the same passion for excellence.

When it comes right down to it, the only real differentiator today is us. I mean it.
It's not about our product or service any more. It's about us -- and if we're an invaluable resource to our prospects.

I bring this up because lots of you are on cruise control. Believe me, I've been on cruise control before and had my whole career wiped out because of it.

If you're not constantly learning or growing today, you're slipping behind. And suddenly you can be whacked out of your comfort zone and be out of a job or not have any prospects. Things can be grim. And it's not good.

You need too -- we all need too -- be learning all the time. We need to be students -- not just of our profession -- but of any subject that interests us. By staying in a learning mode, we significantly enhance our ability to be successful.

If you're not reading something interesting right now, please go get yourself a book or check out a new website. Get your brain cells going. Make more connections. Go to a conference. Sign up for newsletters. Stretch yourself. Learn more.

Customers bring us in today because we have ideas and valuable information. We get the business because of our expertise and insights -- not because of our products or services. They're buying us.

They don't want a relationship with us because we're such a nice person. They're buying us because we bring value. How You Can Be an Invaluable Sales Resource

Join the Conversation: What are your ideas for becoming an invaluable resource?

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