Sales Coaching

Hold on one second! I don’t do any coaching. But since so many people keep asking me about it, I thought it was important to share my suggestions:

1. Check out my books.

They give step-by-step instructions on how to drive sales. If I did coaching, you’d be required to read at least one because they’re so helpful. Most readers tell me their copies have highlights everywhere.

Here are the links: Agile Selling, SNAP Selling, Selling to Big Companies

2. Dig into my free sales resources.

On my website, you’ll find tons of them: sales kits, ebooks, cheat sheets, blog posts and more. They’ll give you even more ideas and examples. Plus … inspiration!

3. Practice what you’re learning.

It takes a while to get better. Practice with yourself and others. Get feedback. Experiment with new ways. Just don’t give up on yourself. Sales is simply a skill. If you’re struggling, you just haven’t figured it out YET!

Jill Konrath S