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With Jill's game-changing strategies, salespeople acquire new clients, minimize losses to "no decision" and slash months off their sales cycle.

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Jill provides sales motivation mixed in with fresh sales strategies that actually work in today’s crazy-busy business environment. 

Check out these keynote topics below:

  • Agile Selling: The Key Differentiator
  • Leading an Agile Sales Team
  • SNAP: Upping Your Sales Game
  • Selling to Big(ger) Companies

Jill provides serious provocation in the gentlest of ways. You bring her in to speak at your sales meeting or conference because change is needed. And, she'll help you get the results you want.

Agile Selling: The Key Differentiator

In a world of constant change, a seller’s ability to learn quickly is their only sustainable competitive advantage. In this keynote based on Agile Selling, Jill's newest book, your sales team will discover the four agile selling mindsets crucial to success. They'll also learn numerous strategies to:

  • Rapidly acquire new knowledge;
  • Quickly pick up new sales skills; and
  • Increase thinking flexibility.

The result? Your salespeople will shorten their path to proficiency, jumpstart new product/service sales and adjust faster to evolving business conditions. Being agile matters. 

Leading an Agile Sales Team: Onboarding, Ramping Up, Re-engaging

Getting new salespeople up to speed quickly is an imperative today. So is the ability to rapidly launch new offerings, adapt to evolving market conditions and create differentiation with savvy buyers. Success today requires your salespeople to rapidly learn, quickly adjust and continually grow. That’s what agile selling is all about.

This session focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Shorten your new hire's path to proficiency.
  • Ramp up sales of new products/services.
  • Re-engage stagnant, plateaued team members.
  • Turn your salespeople into the competitive advantage. 
In short, your job as a leader is to create and sustain an agile selling culture.

SNAP: Upping Your Sales Game

What does it take to capture the attention of today's crazy-busy prospects and get their business? In this session based on Jill Konrath’s highly respected book, SNAP Selling, your salespeople will discover numerous strategies they can use throughout the buying process to:

  • Simplify the complexity that drives them to a screeching halt.
  • Become an invaluable resource that customers willingly pay more for.
  • Align with key organizational objectives and priorities.
  • Maintain momentum despite a prospect’s tendency to default to the status quo.

By following the SNAP Rules, your salespeople will find themselves at the top of their game, winning more sales at higher margins and with less competition. 

Selling to Big(ger) Companies

Selling to bigger companies today is tough. Finding who makes decisions is the initial challenge. Plus, connecting with them via phone or email is a near impossibility. Most salespeople are frustrated, but don't know what to do differently. It’s time for a wake up call! In this session, your salespeople learn new strategies they can use to:

  • Get their foot in the door of big companies.
  • Shorten their sales cycle.
  • Differentiate themselves from competitors.

These strategies go against conventional wisdom, but that’s why they work. The net result? Increased new customer acquisition and faster sales cycles. Reps who now see why they’re struggling — and a pathway forward that’s doable. 

See Jill In Action

In her presentation, Jill fully engages your salespeople by taking them inside their prospect’s offices to see just how frazzled they really are. During the kick-off improv role play (which involves your sales team/audience), they discover exactly why they’re struggling to get business.

And more importantly, they immediately open up to her message on why they need to personally embrace change to be successful today. This is sales motivation at its finest. In this video, Jill talks about busy corporate decision makers, delete buttons, high-value messaging ... and what to do if you goof!

She challenges audiences to rethink their sales approach and then offers strategies for increasing sales effectiveness in today's rapidly changing marketplace.