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  • The Inside Scoop on Goal Setting for Sales with Heidi Grant Halvorson

    Jill interviews Heidi Grant Halvorson, a social psychologist, on motivation and goal setting. Listen here or read the PDF.

  • Beyond the Challenger Sale with Brent Adamson

    Jill Konrath interviews Brent Adamson, coauthor of "The Challenger Sale" about research that will change how you approach prospects. Listen here or read the PDF.

  • Top Seller LinkedIn Strategies

    In this 20 minute audio, Jill Konrath is interviewed by Michelle Davidson, editor of RainToday.com, about the most fascinating differences between how top sellers leverage LinkedIn vs. everyone else. Learn more

  • Agile Selling: How to Quickly Win with Buyers Today

    Jeff Korhan interviews Jill Konrath on This Old New Business Podcast about how to sell in today's fast-changing sales environment. Listen

  • The Mindset of the Masterful Seller

    Gene Hammett of Leaders in the Trenches interviews Jill Konrath about the mindset of successful sellers and how to connect with people that are crazy busy. Listen

  • Agile Selling

    Bernie Borges interviews Jill Konrath on the Social Business Engine podcast about how to use your brain to improve your sales results. Listen

  • How to Sell More by Doing Less

    CeCe Bazar interviews Jill Konrath on the OpenView Labs podcast about how sales prioritization will help you accomplish more in less time. Listen

  • The Keys to Changing Your Sales Mindset

    CeCe Bazar with OpenView Labs interviews Jill Konrath about how mindset affects sales people and their performance. Listen

  • 3 Keys to Mastering Rapid Learning

    CeCe Bazar interviews Jill Konrath on the OpenView Labs podcast about how embracing rapid learning is the key to staying ahead of the sales curve. Listen

  • Why Inbound Marketing is Vital to My Success

    Jill Konrath speaks at Minbound, Minnesota's inbound marketing conference, about how inbound marketing has helped her build a business, connect with prospects and has led to three bestselling books. Watch

  • Learn How to Become an Agile Seller

    Donald Kelly interviews Jill Konrath on The Sales Evangelist podcast about how to connect with busy executives and how to constantly adapt in a fast-changing sales environment. Listen

  • How to Build Your Market Authority

    Mike McLaughlin interviews Jill Konrath for the Mastermind Podcast about how she established herself as a sales authority and how other sellers can benefit from her experience. Listen

  • What It Takes to Succeed Today

    RainToday Editor Michelle Davidson interviews Jill Konrath on what it takes to become a top seller and set yourself apart from the rest. Listen