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If you haven’t used SlideShare on your LinkedIn profile yet, you’re missing a real opportunity to upgrade your online personal brand. What’s SlideShare? It’s a program that let’s you share PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and even videos with others.  

This turns your flat LinkedIn profile into a multi-media bonanza of great information that can showcase your company or personal expertise and value. Your prospects are checking you out online and you want to have the best possible LinkedIn personal brand.  

Here are 5 ways to build your LinkedIn profile using SlideShare: 

  1. Case studies: Does your company have some good case studies that showcase your business impact? If so, put them on your profile.  
  2. eBooks: Has your company written any white papers or ebooks? If so, use SlideShare and upload them to your LinkedIn profile.  
  3. Industry presentations: Do you have a presentation on industry trends or your new technology? Put them on your profile.  
  4. Video testimonials: Do you have a great video testimonial from a wonderful customer? If so, embed it in a SlideShare presentation and upload to your profile.  
  5. Featured articles: Was your company recently featured in a nice article? Put it on your profile.  

Are you getting the picture? You want your LinkedIn profile to make you and your company shine. Now don’t go using SlideShare to do a big product pitch. That just turns people off. Instead, think about what your prospects might find helpful. That’s all that matters. Don’t overwhelm people either. Three to five strategically selected presentations is a great way to get started.LinkedIn SlideShare

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