Turn Your Sales People Into Prospecting Ninjas

Help your sales team make the most of each prospecting contact.

Webinar: Turn Your Sales People Into Prospecting Ninjas

Prospecting is sales least favorite activity.  Crazy-busy decision makers seldom answer the phone, don't call salespeople back and rarely respond to email.  So most managers push their salespeople to redouble their calling and emailing, which makes the problem worse.

Watch this 39 minute pre-recorded webinar with Jill Konrath for fresh ideas on how to:

  • Avoid critical mistakes sales leaders unwittingly make that compound pipeline problems.
  • Fill the pipeline by helping reps develop effective multi-touch sales campaigns that open doors to target accounts.
  • Shorten the sale cycle by leveraging customer-enticing content that gets prospects to take action.

Plus, you’ll gain access to other resources you can use to coach your sales reps on establishing credibility, piquing curiosity and getting return calls.

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Watch the Webinar